Keto chocolate cake roll with coffee cream and cacao nibs

Shufan Wen PhD

My best girl friend was diagnosed with pre-diabetes đŸ˜„

This is a serious condition that we have to be careful with. The nutritionist advised her not to eat carbs and high GI foods. She can not even have fruits, not to mention conventional desserts. We both love cakes and desserts and this is a horrible news to us. But as a cake lover, how can we give up eating cakes?

Then I did a lot of research and tried many cakes recipes, I found it is really tough to make Asian style fluffy cakes keto style. Not to mention the dessert has to meet my pickiness and what my friends’ called “unrealistic expectations”.

This one is the only one I tried and loved so far. Well, I meant, the only good one so far that satisfied my picky taste buds. For sure I am still trying hard to discover more

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