Discovering our food: Chia seeds

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Hello my dear readers,

Ready to discover another super healthy and nutritious food?

Today let’s find out more about the Chia seeds.

Everything you need to know about chia seeds_Popsicle Society

The plant: Salvia Hispanica

Salvia Hispanica is part of the mint family and grows mainly in the deserts of Southern Mexico.

This plant is lucky not to be particularly liked by insects, for this reason it is easy to find in areas where it grows spontaneously, quickly and solidly. 

What are the chia seeds?

Chia seeds, are tiny black, brown or white seeds, produced from the blue and purple flowers of Salvia Hispanica plant and are rich in nutritional properties.

Chia seedsare one of the most powerful, functional and nutritious foods in the world.

Until recently they were known mainly in Central and South America for their important nutritional properties.

Pre-Columbian civilizations recognized chia seeds as being able to attribute “strength and courage” to…

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