My childhood dream: I finally go to Dubai

Passport Overused

Since I was a kid, I wanted to see the world’s tallest building. So when the opportunity of going to Dubai came, I had to jump on it. There’s no way I could reject a chance to go here. Who knew, if I would ever get the chance again.

The Burj Khalifa photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After a 12 hour flight, I went straight to the tallest building in the world. No time to waste. When seeing it in person, I was shocked as to how tall this man-made structure is. It’s like double the size of the freedom tower in NYC. This was an awesome moment for me. It’s hard to explain in words. Just imagine your childhood dream coming true. I was completely losted in the moment. Deep inside my mind, my inner child was happy.

The hallway of the building I was staying in photo courtesy…

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