WordPress Premium Vs. Business: Is It Worth It?

Everything Is Hack!

As something that I have been recently dabbling with, I
wanted to offer my insight into the benefits of having WordPress Premium Vs.
WordPress Business.

Now, I will start by saying that this will mostly be
relevant to people who are blogging or have a small website with not too large
of an audience.

WordPress Premium

I have had WordPress premium for about 2 years now. I
started it on a free trial because I wanted to have more insight into who was
viewing my posts and I wanted to start placing ads on my blog. I never expected
(and still don’t) to get any money from my blog, as I do it for the sheer
pleasure of writing, but it is fun to see your progress throughout the years in
the little “revenue” that you might get from it.

I love building an audience and hopefully helping others

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