13 Books Set in Greenland That Will Put It At The Top Of Your Bucket List

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Greenland is easily in the top five of my bucket list destinations (along with Mongolia/overlanding Central Asia, Argentina and Chile which I count as one, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Churchill, Manitoba to see polar bears, in case you were wondering.)

Then after writing about books set in Finland and books set in Iceland and coming across a bunch of books set in Greenland in the process, well, here we are.

As I wrote this post, I found some fun facts about Greenland, too. It’s bigger than Mexico but only has a population of 57,000(ish) meaning there are only 0.03 people peer square kilometer! It’s also one of a few countries that is transcontinental. It’s owned by Denmark but is on the North American tectonic plate. Now, lets get to what you’re really here for: all the books about Greenland!

An African in Greenland

Tété-Michel Kpomassie knew he had to go to…

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