1 Simple Habit That Will Help You Make Better Decisions (and All It Takes Is 2 Minutes)

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Thinking and performing better is connected to the quality of your decisions. Making decisions and being at the top of your game is easy when there isn’t pressure or stakes attached. But making decisions and staying cool under pressure is an entirely different story.

When it comes to keeping calm and managing your stress, a common recommendation is to “just breathe.” Breathing is unique as it’s both voluntary and involuntary. You can make your breathing shallow or deep, fast or slow, or you can hold your breath past a level of comfort (though I don’t recommend this option).

Most likely, you aren’t noticing the intricacies of your breath throughout the day. But, learning to address the flexibility of control you have with your breath is an untapped tool for you to use to boost your productivity–especially your decision making.

In fact, inside the May 2019 issue of theInternational Journal of…

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