All About High-Intensity Interval Training(BEST WAY TO BURN FAT)

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Arguably one of the most efficient ways to increase cardiovascular health and burn fat, high-intensity interval training(HIIT) is becoming increasingly popular. This method has been both clinically tested and proven numerous times, and the results are amazing.

What is H.I.I.T?

High-intensity interval training is a unique training routine that alternates between bursts of very intense exercises, and periods of passive, light activity. There is some sort of high-intensity, or anaerobic component to the training such as sprinting or burpees. This intense exercise is performed over a short period of time and should approach 80% – 95% of the individual’s maximum heart rate. The anaerobic activity is then followed by light, mildly intense exercise. Examples of these less intense exercises include sit-ups, push-ups, or a light jog, and they should be done at 40% -50% of the individual’s maximum heart rate. The purpose of these lighter exercises is to act…

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