The Panthermobile

The Joy of the Drive


The Panthermobile was built in 1969 for the cartoon series ‚ÄėThe Pink Panther‚Äô and is probably the most flamboyant stand out of all the tv show and movie cars.


This special limousine was designed by Ed Newton and the construction was a collaboration between Dan Woods, Joe Bailon and Bill Hines. 


It was built on an Oldsmobile Tornado chassis for the then $100,000. It measured 7 metres long and had the driver compartment at the very front.


Because of the shape and length of the car it had no mirrors but a camera mounted at the rear and a black and white tv screen in with  the driver.


The 7 litre Oldsmobile V8 engine, was mounted right behind the driver’s head, drove the front wheels.29266477784_68c754a325_b

The rear compartment is accessed by large right side upward and downward opening door. Inside is a shag covered day bed, square tufted upholstery, sone…

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