Top 5 Beginner Corals

First Time Marine Keeper

Selecting your first ever Coral is an exciting, but daunting thing. How do you know which coral to choose? I have written an article about how to select your first fish here >>> you can use the same principles as this article, but apply the theory to corals rather than fish. Here is a breakdown of my Top 5, beginner friendly saltwater fish.

To make this list these fish must be:

  • Inexpensive
  • Considered hardy
  • Not prone to disease
  • Suitable for a mixed reef tank
  • Colourful & fun to watch

5. The Euphyllia

Aussie Torch
Aussie Torch

The Hammer, Torch & Frogspawn corals are amongst my favourite corals. They are middle of the road price wise, but offer a burst of colour and movement to your tank.

Euphyllia are classed as an LPS coral, but this shouldn’t put you off as a beginner. These corals require adequate lighting and flow (species specific), a…

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