This is Hvar, Croatia!


Of all the places we visited on our Mediterranean cruise, Hvar, Croatia was my favorite place! Why do you ask? Because it was not stifling hot, humid, sticky and crowded with tourists! It had an awesome, smallish beach. It had the most beautiful and walkable waterfront area surrounded by tiny cafes.  It had lots of restaurants on back, narrow, winding streets. It had old churches and one where the nuns made tatted lace. They still use Croatian money there and will for the next two years; it feels unspoiled!  Hvar boasts of 360 days of sunshine a year; the sunniest and the coffeeeist! See the sign? Let’s start at the waterfront!

Hvar, Croatia

Is that a little mermaid too?

Hvar, Croatia

Look how blue and cloudless the sky is……..

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Color, color everywhere!

Hvar, Croatia

That small island in the background was at one time…

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