Bloom’s Five Tips for Surviving a Not-So-Great Year


I guess if you’ve lived even a little bit of life, you’re bound to have a not so great year every once in a while.  

You know those times when it seems like none of your prayers are getting answered, or when your life just seems very stagnant and filled with challenges, obstacles, and uncertainty? Or some how you’ve ended up back at square one though you feel you’ve done everything right but to no avail. Yeah, those times.  

Well. As I’m reflecting over my 2018, I’m thinking it’s funny how life gives you perspective.  Like, what I used to call a sucky year mainly centered around my dating woes and inevitable eff-boy problems.  However, I realized this was the first year where I didn’t say one of the following statements:

  • “Don’t fu-&%-ng call my phone anymore!”
    • (followed by some number blocking, then unblocking just to see if…

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