You Can Eat Roses

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Did you know the unique flavour in turkish delights is from roses? You either hate it or love it. But did you know that there is a whole lot MORE you can do with roses eating wise.

Pope John Paul the 2nd is by far the best smelling rose in my garden.

Olivier and Louis, founders of Ode á la Rose of New York recommend the most fragrant roses are best for flavour. Colourwise that means pink, yellow and some whites. Reds are bred for looks.

Here is what else they have to say about using roses –

‘If your recipe calls for fresh rose petals, you’ll want to use them within two hours of removing them from the flower. You may also store your rose petals in a refrigerator for up to a week to prevent them from wilting. When drying rose petals, you can use a dehydrator or simply lay them…

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