Banana Oats Loaf Cake / Whole Wheat Banana Oats Cake / Eggless Banana Oats Cake

At My Kitchen

Banana Oats Loaf Cake is a nutrient and fibre rich cake. It is healthier cake which can be a great breakfast or a healthy snack for kids tiffin box or after school snacks. It is also a perfect tea time cake.

This healthier banana oats cake is made using a bunch of healthy ingredients which are whole wheat flour, banana and oats. It is fibre and potassium rich cake from the oats and banana. Tried to keep it simple and easy so everyone can try and at the same time keeping health in mind came out with this healthier delicious cake recipe with some nutrients rich ingredients.

You can eat it as a breakfast, snacks or dessert. It is very soft, light and spongy with beautiful flavour from banana and crunchy topping of oats and sesame seeds. This cake is very delicious and filling. Also it’s very easy and simple…

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