The Blue Lagoon

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If you are visiting Iceland or just stopping for a bit, I highly recommend you go to the Blue Lagoon. Yes, it is kind of touristy, but it didn’t start that way. It began as a place the locals discovered, and then it became more commercialized. Below, you will learn more about the Blue Lagoon and some tips if you are planning on visiting.

What is the Blue Lagoon?

  • The Blue Lagoon is a lava field that is the dumping grounds for the water from the geothermal plant. The water is perfectly clean for bathing in, but it is not like this is a natural spring if that is what you were thinking.

What Should I Know Before I Go?

  • You need to start by making a reservation. Spots fill up fast, so book in advance.
  • A stop at the Blue Lagoon works best if you are just arriving or…

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