Shrikhand is a traditional Indian sweet dish made from hung curd and sweetened with sugar. The addition of nutmeg and cardamom powder alongwith some saffron gives it a rich, delicious flavour! And, an important point to remember here is that, nutmeg and cardamom, both have certain medicinal properties which aid in digestion too. Though preferably only cardamom or nutmeg powder is added to the Shrikhand, I have added both as it gives a delicious taste!

Shrikhand Poori is equally famous as Poori Bhaaji ( Sukki Batata Bhaaji and Poori) in Maharashtra. It is a favourite dish during festivals or religious ceremonies, where only vegetarian food is prepared.

Though hung curd (chakka as called in Marathi language) is easily available in stores, it is better to prepare it at home itself from fresh homemade curds or then store bought one (fresh, not too sour curds). I have first set curds from…

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