Is There Such a Thing As Being Overly Ambitious?

Balancing Brittany

So, currently I am enrolled in graduate school for my PhD in Finance and I’m so excited! Well excited and nervous because I’ve heard from almost everyone that PhD programs are very writing intensive which is fine, but it’s very different from your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, so I’m not sure what to expect.

I’m also working on a few personal projects and goals which are time-consuming but while I have the motivation, energy, and God continues to give me breath I’m doing everything my heart sets itself on. But, between the responses and conversations I’ve been having with family and friends about going to grad school and working on this project and that project, I started to ask myself am I overly ambitious? Am I subconsciously unsatisfied so I’m trying to feel a void in my life? Is it a crime to want to satisfy my goals all the…

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