5 Gear Hacks and How to Lighten Your Load Without Breaking the Bank

Wandering Pine

Lately I have been doing less writing about the trail and more about skills I’ve learned as we prepare for our first thru hike. We are counting down the days until we hit the Superior Hiking Trail, so gear and food have been top of mind. Still staying as active as possible but MYOG (making your own gear) is way more interesting to talk about!

Image-1-1 Ray Jardine Backpack kit with modifications

If you have been reading, you know that I made my own backpack a few months ago that eliminated about 3.5 lbs off my base weight and have been playing around with various hacks to continue to lighten the load.  As of today, my total pack weight is 22 lbs with food and water.    That’s less than half from where I started 5 years ago!  The physical and mental benefits of carrying less has been a great…

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