Mission: Impossible – Fallout

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Bond, Bourne, Hunt. Those are the prestige names in the modern spy blockbuster. Each offers their own brand of action: Bond offers culture and legacy; Bourne provides a modern political perspective in a medium dominated by Cold War archetypes; and Mission: Impossible is often a brilliant and spectacular showcase for Tom Cruise and the director of the week’s spectacular stunt filmmaking.

In that regard, Mission: Impossible – Fallout does not disappoint. McQuarrie is returning from Rogue Nation, but it’s appropriate given how Fallout is almost a direct sequel. Sean Harris reprises his role as the villainous Solomon Lane, and Rebecca Ferguson is back as Ilsa Faust, fulfilling arcs introduced in the previous film. Fallout is also the Mission: Impossible movie with the most attention towards the series continuity. Things that were paid lip service in other films are actually major plot points in this one. It’s refreshing to…

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