Zooming into X-T100

IVAN Joshua Loh

As always, preparing what gears for a trip is a headache for
me. Three months ago for my 10 days Taiwan trip I decided
to detox myself and only bring a X100F. I had a blast.
For this June holiday we are headed to Khao Yai in Thailand.
Together with another family friend. ( CJ, Jean and their son Ian)
After many consideration I decided to bring the new X-T100.
To put some pressure on myself I decided to bring only
zoom lenses.
There is nothing wrong with zoom lens. It’s just that after moving
into the world of Fujifilm; I fell in love with their prime lenses.
And thus I rarely use zoom lenses.
For this trip; I brought along three lenses. XF10-24mm F4,
XC15-45mm 3.5-5.6 and XF100-400mm plus a 1.4 TC. I just
wanted to see how X-T100 works with all this lenses in the
real world.

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