Another One of Those Unresolved Debates: Blogging VS Vlogging – A Discussion

Of Reading and Random Things

Lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to video essays on YouTube while I’m at work (because I’m awesome at multitasking like that 😀 ). Especially video analyses of books, movies, and TV shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender (seriously, there are SO MANY videos about this show and how it does pretty much everything right), Game of Thrones, Disney movies, etc. But after watching a bunch of YouTube videos, specifically of the bookish variety, I’ve started thinking about the reasons why I chose to start a blog instead of a YouTube Channel.

Last time, I’ve talked about Video Games VS Books, so today I’m going to talk about Blogging VS Vlogging. Now, I’m not saying either blogging or vlogging is better than the other, I just want to point out the differences and what I think about them. So after sitting down and really thinking about my…

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