The lazy boy and his quest for the perfect living room chair.

We’ve had the same couch in our living room for a long, long, time. It’s gotten so worn out that there’s a permanent dent where my butt goes and the wooden frame pushes into my back every time I recline in it. The poor thing is permanently bent at an angle on one end and the material looks like a shirt that’s been through the wash one too many times. Furniture shopping time!

We started out at the local furniture store looking at couches that were similar to the one we needed to replace. We like having recliners on each end and cup holders are nice. My parents had recently picked up a unit with power recliners and built-in USB ports that we really liked.

☆▻ Home Furniture : Antique Living Room Chairs Ashley Furniture throughout Ashley Furniture Showroom

One might think that power recliners are just for lazy people; how hard can it be to pull a handle? The thing is, they can…

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