The Seychelles Islands: Our 6D/5N staying on-a-budget itinerary (Part 1/2)


Yes, finally, writing about our vacation that happened months ago in the island of *drumrolls* – SEYCHELLES! This country has been on my wanderlist ever since Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton flew there for their honeymoon, because, well, Prince + Duchess + honeymoon – you get it, right?

Well, it wasn’t until last year when we chanced upon a ticket sale that we made this dream vacation happen, because (1) Getting to Seychelles is freakin’ expensive – a 4-hour direct flight from Dubai or Abu Dhabi normally costs more than 3,500 aed and up. Of course, if you don’t mind a layover then you could find cheaper tickets. Thankfully, we were lucky to nab a direct flight ticket for only 2,500 aed via Air Seychelles (but mind you, that still costs a lot for us but it was the best we could find), and (2) the Seychelles, itself, is…

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