Surviving a long haul flight with a three-year-old


Now that it’s all over, I’ll admit it. I was apprehensive about our recent long-haul flight. After all, 23 hours stuck on a plane is pretty horrendous on your own, let along looking after a strong-willed three-year-old. Of course, when hubby said he was dreading the flight I dismissed his concerns. “It’ll be fine!” I said. “What are you worrying about?” Now, I’ll admit it, I was worried. But one of us had to remain optimistic.

We survived. We survived both ways (46 hours in total, not including the additional train and plane trips we made at our destination) unscathed. So, how did we do it? Here are my top tips.

Give in to demands

This is the one time that discipline needs to be put aside for the sake of survival. The 23-hour flight is not the time to say “no”, or to let your child have a tantrum…

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