LAPC #224: Exposure

The World Is A Book...

This week, Sofia leads the “Exposure” theme for us to exercise another photography technique.

Overexposure leads to overexposed highlights, and often, it can create interesting faded-looking images.

Shutter speed is the amount of time that the camera’s shutter is open. If there’s less light, you may want to using slow shutter speed. The image blow was captured at 1/8 second:

The image of the Grand Central Station, NYC is captured with 2 seconds:

HDR (high dynamic range) allows us to capture the subject between the lightest light and darkest dark in different levels, then, process them through Photoshop. I set three different levels for this one:

Here is the result:

I often rely on aperture or shutter speed priority, hope to get a good result. I do need to pay more attention to exposure. Sofia gives us an excellent leason and provides comparisons with wonderful explanation, “use shutter speed to…

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