Chocolate Chestnut Cookies

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Chestnuts are a favorite snack, that can also be used in different ways in the kitchen. I use them often in cooking (click HERE for recipes), but this time, I’ve decided to use them as part of chocolate cookie dough.
My idea was to use the chestnuts as a way to decrease the amount of white flour in the dough, as they are quite starchy. At the same time, I wanted to use their unique, earthy and slightly sweet flavor, to enhance the chocolaty flavor and aroma of the cookies.
Using pre-roasted and peeled chestnuts, made this an easy task. All that was needed was to chop them roughly and add them into the bowl, along with the flour. This way, they were partially mashed into the dough, while a smaller part was kept as small tasty lumps.
Using dark Dutch processed cocoa powder, and dark brown sugar, gave…

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