New Galaxy S22 Camera Updates Let You Capture the Stars Like a Pro

Malaysianews TV

Earlier this year, the Galaxy S22 series introduced the pro-grade smartphone camera with advanced Nightography features. Now, that camera just got even better. With an updated version of the Expert RAW app and a brand new app called Camera Assistant, you’ll be able to capture professional-looking shots.

Capture the Galaxy With Astrophoto in Expert RAW

The Expert RAW elevates the S22’s already robust night photography capabilities with a powerful Astrophoto feature. This brand-new featur­­e lets star gazers and outdoor enthusiasts take clear and beautiful photos of constellations and dark sky activity.

Simply turn on the Sky guide to pinpoint the location of constellations, solar systems, groups of stars and nebula. Your camera will use advanced AI segmentation technology and multi-frame processing based on the movements of a celestial body to snap photos over a set time period. As a result, you’ll capture stunning shots of stars that look like they…

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