“Honda sets up the first motorcycle battery swap station for its mobile power packs” by Umar Shakir


A man is pulling out a battery pack from an angled slot amongst a grid of slots that have the blue packs nestled in them.
Honda’s power station battery slots are angled for easier access. | Image: Honda

Honda delivered a new battery swapping station in Tokyo that’s looking mighty similar to the one Gogoro makes. The automaker’s new power pack exchanger lets electric motorcycle riders easily flip their depleting batteries for fresh ones instead of needing to wait around for a charge.

The Honda power station itself looks very similar to Gogoro’s: like a vending machine with a grid of battery packs that slide in and out of slots.

Three vending machine-like modules make up this expanded version of the Honda power pack exchanger, it has three square pack slots across and four down per unit, making it support 12 per unit and making this big version support 36. The machine is white and gray colored with a touch screen on the main central unit, and all the packs are blue.Image: Honda
Honda’s “Power Pack Exchanger e:” station can be expanded to accommodate a whole lot of batteries in busy parts of cities.

You can access fully charged batteries by interacting with the touchscreen, pulling one out, and popping in your discharged ones to charge up for use by the next rider. Honda’s system is authenticated via IC cards that get distributed to customers who…

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