An Afternoon at the Sydney Harbour

My Wanderlust

Sydney is known as the “Harbour City”. Numerous ferries, cruise ships and other nautical vehicles visits the harbour in a regular basis. A lot of cities are situated along a bay, rivers…but only few are blessed with a natural harbour like Sydney has.

After that morning wander around the whole Circular Quay, I decided to head out in the meantime back to my hotel to charge, freshen up and eat my lunch in preparation for this afternoon. I always have to remind myself to limit myself and have a break in between my wanders and photo-walks.

Can’t get enough of how photogenic this building is

Earlier yesterday, I got a DM from one of my Instagram following in regards to my stay in Sydney. Today I will get to meet up with him who happens to be one of my IG following who is based in Sydney. We both follow…

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