King of Compact Cameras ? Best Option for Beginners

Nerd Tips

Let’s outline the main points WHY it is so:

1. Comlicated functions made easy

The ZV-E10 features several great functions which are extremely useful for a creator. For example:

Bokeh switch

In bigger cameras you’d need to do several things in order to get the sweet bokeh (adjust the aperture, shutter speed). In ZV-E10 however this can be done with just one click of a button. So whenever you want to separate your subject from the background you can do it easily.

Product showcase

So usually cameras try to track and keep the focus on your face, but for a reviewer’s videos this is often an inconvenience because cameras don’t want to acknowledge that you are holding something important in front of it and focus on it. Well.. no more of that. With on click of a custom button the ZV E10 will know that…

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