4 Benefits Of Taking Social Media Breaks

Living PF

Photo by Omkar Patyane on Pexels.com

I love and enjoy and indulge in social media as much as the next person. It can be beneficial in various ways, such as comfort, entertainment, connecting with people and getting lost in a world far from your own. However, in all its glorified consumption, sometimes a break or pause is needed for a while. Sometimes social media can do a lot more damage than good to our hearts and minds, and when you look deeply, even our spirit. I’m not shunning the good that social media can do or has done for many people. This is not one of those types of blogs, and it is not an ode to glorify living social media free. Many people have found financial freedom through social media by being able to market themselves. Some have also found personal fulfilment from showcasing their interests and passions as…

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