Paisley Positivity fabrics

Paisley Power

The Paisley Positivity fabric has been bought by a customer recently. They chose the white-black version and had the design printed on Organic Cotton Knit Brava. I’m sure they’ll be making an eye-catching garment with it.

Paisley Positivity fabric
white-black version

The design is high-contrast in white and black colors. These colors are suitable for many locations in the home. The design will also look good in restaurants, shops, clubs, hotels, and many other types of business where an eye-catching design is required.

Paisley Positivity fabric,
white-black version designed by Patrick Moriarty

A sample of “Paisley Positivity” fabric was bought recently by a customer. They chose the lilac tones version printed on Cypress Cotton Canvas, which is a great fabric for making home decor items including table runners and placemats

“Paisley Positivity” fabric (the lilac tones version)

Here is a photo of the lilac tones version of the “Paisley Positivity”…

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