7 tips on how to avoid distractions

Tim Preom's blog

Photo by RODNAE Productions

As someone who gets distracted easily, I know how hard it can be to avoid distractions. You can be doing one thing this minute and the next minute, you are on to something else without completing the original one. I really can’t give a particular cause for why people get distracted easily. It could be as a result of lack of energy, a need for a change or something new, mental disability or anything else. Either way, a lot of people get distracted and there is a need to share tips on how to avoid distractions because distractions not only affect people’s productivity but also their rest.

With so much going on in this world and everyone’s personal lives, it is very easy to get distracted. As easy as it is to get distracted, you would think it would also be very easy to get (un)…

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