Top 5 Gaming Controllers

Matt Doyle Media

Welcome, one and all, to the first top 5 list of the year! This time around, I wanted to talk about some of my favourite gaming controllers. The key for this list was that it had to be a controller I used extensively. As such, there are plenty of controllers that didn’t make the list because I didn’t use them often, such as the NES controller. I also can’t include the PS5 controller here because I’ve never even held one, let alone use one.

Others that missed out were: The SNES controller. It’s not a bad controller, but during the 16-bit era, I mostly played fighters, and shoulder buttons are, in my opinion, terrible for fighters. As a result, I never really had a huge amount of love for it. Similarly, the 3-button Mega Drive controller was one that I enjoyed using, but not on some of my favourite games…

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