Tips on Cleaning Your Earbuds or Headphones

Taking care of your mobile devices with LOVE

Nowadays, earbuds and headphones have become an important part of our lifestyle. Chances are that you would have a headphone or earbuds on while walking to work, during an exercise, while running errands, or sitting at your office. There is nothing wrong with having your earbuds or headphones on all day as long as you clean them regularly.

Your earwax is normal and there for a reason, but that’s just for you, the wax in your ear is not good for your earbud. When you use earbuds or headphones for a long time, heat is trapped in your ear canal and melts the wax, which settles on your headphones or in your earbuds. This will look gross, attract grime, dirt, and even bacteria, and subsequently cause distortion.

So, if you notice that your earbuds or headphones aren’t working properly and you can’t hear every conversation, podcast word, beat, or lyric…

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