20 Organizational Tasks You Can Tackle in 5 Minutes or Less


I swear I love watching those cleaning videos on TikTok, it’s so satisfying but it’s true —

That sense of deep satisfaction that you get after tackling a big organizational task, like cleaning out the garage or organizing the linen closet?

Suddenly, everything in life feels a bit more tidy and manageable, even if it’s just in our imagination. As much as I love the feeling, those bigger jobs are usually relegated to a Sunday afternoon when I have time to spend a couple of hours. But I have found quite a few ways to inject quite a few of these organization ideas into the work week: even when things are really busy, I can remind myself that, Hey, it will only take a few minutes!

Aside from the sense of calm these give me, the bonus side effect is that my life tends to stay pretty organized all the…

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