Mount Elbert Wins Again

Nowhere Tribune

My nemesis

Earlier in the month I attempted to reach the summit of Mount Elbert—the highest point in Colorado, and the second highest in the contiguous United States. Though I made it to the top of the mountain, I didn’t make it to the peak.

My wife, who is both an adventurer and a great athlete, was eager for me to not only try again, but to take her with me. So, we left our home in Texas at 5:00 A.M. Friday morning and drove over 700 miles and twelve hours to central Colorado.

We hit the trail at Twin Lakes campgroundat 5:15 A.M. Saturday. Since we don’t have four-wheel drive, we had to hoof it the three miles (both ways) to and from the South Elbert trailhead.

5:15 A.M.

The trails leading to South Elbert (the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail) and the South Elbert trailhead…

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