What’s in my purse? + Organization tips to make your life easier!!

Mommy Me

Are you a mom and is your purse is full of random things that serve no purpose? Do you struggle every time to find your keys or pen or wallet? Does this embarrass you all the time in front of your friends and family?

Then this post is for you!!

Don’t worry I have been there and I learned the lesson the hard way and that’s when I decided to have an organized purse with only absolutely essential items!! Until a few months back, my purse used to be very disorganized, chaotic and I always used to run around the house at the last minute to find things and stuff them inside before leaving the house. I resolved this problem by planning better and packing things in more sensible way.

Firstly, I decided to sort the most important things I need ie, things I cannot absolutely forget before leaving the…

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