CFFC: White cars

Manja Mexi Mexcessive (closed)

1000 Miglia, one thousand miles, is a race that allows cars of all colours. Here only white are gathered on purpose.











I must have been really tired and fed up with the heat and the exhaust fumes one month ago upon returning from 1000 Miglia race, “the most beautiful race in the world”, as they call it. I posted a bunch of Ferraris and proclaimed that all my 250 photos of other cars are “rather terrible”.

Since Cee wants to see colour white this week, here is a selection of white cars from this race. Bestia and I have gotten quite white as well, as you will see, so we all go together well. The thing is – for this race they don’t close the road for other traffic, nor put up any kind of protective barrier. You may race…

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