Programming Vs Blogging; Which Is Better?

With rise in digitalization, many people and businesses have started to cope with online transactions and e-commerce.

Digitalization have also created online jobs where people can sell their products or promote other peoples products and get paid. Others like doing online survey, creating websites, logos, videos and apps also came to exist.

I’m happy to tell you that, all the above staffs are made through programs by programmers who are specialised in programming languages.

Now, any serious programmer must have a blog where s/he will be uploading their program for others to read and let the programmer gain passive income after monetizing the blog with ads, affiliation, etc.

Programming vs blogging;which is better?

Let me start with blogging. Blogging is good because it lets you gain money even when you are a sleep. What you need is some articles in your blog which is monetized and that’s all.

Programming is…

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