Tips for Staying Organized

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As an investment banker / content creator / small business owner, time management and organization are KEY to success. Here are my top tips for staying organized!


Having a planner system is key.

It’s one thing to buy a planner and write a few to-dos in it and it’s another to buy a new planner, create a system and use it on a daily basis as a life-altering tool to help make you more efficient, organized and stress-free. Having a planner without a system is like having a backyard with a hockey rink and not knowing how to ice skate. The two go hand-in-hand! (p.s. sorry it’s late, that’s the best analogy I have right now…)

My planner system is pretty simple, but it’s fun & colorful and the ONLY way I can stay on track.

  1. Start with…

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