My Fujifilm journey led me to relive the film look

One Camera One Lens

Little did I know when I bought my first Fujifilm X series camera, the X-T20, that moving from Nikon would be such a huge change in what I do and how I perceive photography. They say you’re led on a path when fate intervenes, and I made my own fate by switching to Fujifilm.

The initial hunt for a new system

One of the reasons I left Nikon was I really never liked the colour science. Of course I shot raw and jpeg, but you don’t always want to spend time editing and there are times you just want to get the look you want out of camera, so you can enjoy more time taking photos and spend less time at your computer editing them.

I weighed up my options, looking at everything from full frame from Nikon’s and Sony, to micro four third options from Panasonic. But it was…

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