Lens-Artists Challenge #154: One Photo Two Ways

The World Is A Book...

This week, Tina leads the theme “One Photo Two Ways”. Tina asks us to show the same subject captured using multiple, different approaches.

Here are a horizontal and vertical images of a pavilion in the local Japanese Garden:

Another example is a Zenia flower, one was capture from the side and the other was from the top of the same flower.

Panning on a still scene is a cool way to capture a landscape. The technique enables us to blend the colors and elements of the scene into an abstract image. For this one, I selected shutter priority mode with 1/25s and moved my camera vertically.

The isolated color process through Photoshop can make an image a little more interesting. I first turned the original image into black and white, then isolated the chairs in red:

Topaz Studio provides many opetions. Sometimes, I take my photo there  to create a…

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