The Nutritional Value And Benefits of Cabbage

Optimal Health

Cabbage often gets left out in most people’s diet despite its rich nutritional profile. Its infrequent incorporation in food menus occurs mainly due to a poor understanding of its superior nutrient content relative to common vegetables. Cabbage is in the Brassica genus alongside broccoli, kale, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage (bok choy and Napa cabbage), and Brussels sprouts. It is also a cruciferous vegetable or cole crop. It is popular across the world, with Russia having the highest per capita intake.

Cabbage occurs in different colors and shapes. Some common varieties comprise green cabbage, red or purple cabbage, and white cabbage. Beyond these classifications based on color, cabbages may have wrinkled or smooth leaves. Savoy cabbage is an example of the wrinkled-leaves cabbage variety. Despite the difference in their appearance, savoy cabbage finds similar usage as green and white cabbage. People mostly use cabbage to make salads, coleslaw, braises, sauerkraut, and…

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