2.5 Days in Santorini

Jamie Wanders the World

Stay: Prime Suites, Oia (would not recommend)

Day 0.5

Our ferry was supposed to leave Paros around 11am, however there was a strike that morning so it was 2hrs delayed! Unforunately, we were not made aware of the delay until we went and asked someone where the ferry was. If we’d known we could’ve tried to do something else during the morning! Oh well. We had a nice gyro in Paros before finally getting on the ferry.

Blue Star ferries are really nice and with covid causing less people to be traveling we had a whole couch area to ourselves! We ended up finishing the murder mystery game I got Nate for his birthday during the 3hr ferry to Santorini.

When we finally arrived we had a driver from our hotel waiting for us at the Port (the port is not close to anything and all the buses go directly…

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