7 Ideas to Help Keep You Occupied During Quarantine

Normal Human Fitness

Right now, the Coronavirus is circulating, and people are still under a government mandated lockdown/quarantine. This means unless you are designated an “essential worker,” you’re not supposed to go anywhere, not even to work. You’re not supposed to be around people other than your immediate family (especially the elderly), and the only time you can go anywhere is to the grocery store or to get other supplies. We are encouraged to get outside to get air and exercise, but it is still necessary to avoid being around other people. All of this is to keep the virus from spreading.

The majority of us have a daily routine that we have designed to set up our lives the way we want to live them. This routine has been disrupted by the quarantine, and many of us are finding ourselves isolated with extra time on our hands. Humans are social creatures by…

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