Free and Paid Photo Editing Tools

Nicholas C. Rossis

I frequently write about free photo editing tools like Picture Colorizer; a tool that automatically colorizes your old photos. But what happens if you need more than that?

Then it may be time to upgrade to a paid photo editing tool.

An increasing number of people use their iOS or Android device to take pictures instead of a camera. Phones come in cheap and you can easily carry them in your pockets. Besides, manufacturers are always adding new features to their phones to help you take wonderful photos. As a result, we’re all flooded with great photos (and even more not-so-great ones).

Of course, this poses a dilemma. Do you download your photos to your computer, edit them, and share them on social media? Or should you make changes to your photos by using third-party photo editing software on the phone itself?

If you’re an old-timer like me who…

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