5 Ways To Show Love To Your Dog


If you Follow me on social media (I am @travelprofessional1 on IG) you’ll notice that I have more photos of my dog than of anything else. 

Actually, I now have fewer photos of Tia on my IG account than I did before….and that’s because I set up her own account@tiathechi

Yep, I know. Don’t judge me lol.

I’ve always had dogs in my life, ever since I can remember, and every single one has been special in his or her own way.

It’s been about seven years since I welcomed Tia into my life. I had another dog at the time, Milo (Shih Tzu, amazing little guy!) and I felt that Milo needed a playmate since I was working from home at the time, which was great, but I was WORKING so I didn’t have much time in the day to play with him and I thought a playmate would…

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