Top 10 List for Staying Sane during Remodeling and Home Improvements


Ok, let’s talk remodeling, home improvements, DIY fix ups, HGTV inspirations, and all forms of re-imagining the spaces that you live in and call home! Especially after the coronavirus pandemic forced most of us to stay home a lot more than usual, I know that so many of you have also spent time thinking (fantasizing?) about how to maximize your usable room, re-define living areas, add tranquility, upgrade your outdoor living space, and more. Let’s talk about all of it! This is the first post of an upcoming series where I will share pictures and project-specific stories from my past experiences.

I will confess, remodeling is a bug and passion that hit me a long time ago, well before 2020. As a child, my parents were both hands-on participants in working on home improvements and remodels, exposing it all to my sister and I along the way. This has given…

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