My Ideal Blogger Life

Happy Panda

Every time I’m stressed about my blog, I imagine what an ideal blogger life would look like. In my dreams it goes like…

I wake up on Monday morning and –


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Views – 4500 (yeah, I don’t dream too big)

Visitors – 1500 (The number of visitors I get in a WHOLE month currently)

Likes – 4000 (I never get why people who view the post don’t also like it!)

Comments – 1000 (Yeah, I think TOO many comments would overwhelm me :D)

Projects in the upcoming week-

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Project 1: Working with H&M to promote their clothes that are now sustainably (including ethically) manufactured (SUCH DREAMS!)

Project 2: Helping Madeline Miller with research for her new book based on an Indian mythological princess (*sigh*)

Project 3: Create content for my brand of sustainable products with my…

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