10 underrated Beautiful Parks in Metro Vancouver

Roaming with Wally

Vancouver is one of the best livable cities in the world. It’s one of the best suitable living places according to its weather and natural surroundings. Vancouver combines several cities like Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, and Surrey. Together it’s known as Metro Vancouver. Vancouver is famous mainly for its parks like Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Capilano Park, Lynn Canyon Park, Pacific Spirit Regional Park, etc. But these parks are not the only attractions of this big metropolitan area. Vancouver is known for the reputation for conserving its nature and environment. So, you will see many parks in each corner of this enormous city. These parks are no less than one another. Today, I will talk about 10 underrated beautiful parks that you may not hear about before. The residents may know about these parks, but I think it will help tourists outside BC and Canada. This…

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